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2908, 2018

Hightown Group Are Now a Top Ten Winner at the Construction Enquirer Awards

As a construction business that has spent the last 40 years working hard to deliver the best for our clients, it’s rewarding when we get official recognition. This October we’ll be at the Construction Enquirer [...]

2708, 2018

University Laboratory Refurbishment

There’s no doubt that every university depends a good deal on the quality of its facilities. If you want to attract the top performing students or carry out the kind of cutting edge research that [...]

108, 2018

Social Benefits of Building a School

There is no doubt that any school building is of great social benefit to society. Education lies at the heart of improving our quality of life and creating career and life opportunities as we reach [...]

2407, 2018

Benefits of a New Laboratory Installation

Research and development forms the backbone of new innovations in our modern world. We wouldn’t have the drugs that cure cancer or slow dementia if it wasn’t for research facilities. Neither would we have cutting [...]

1807, 2018

Office Refurbishment Company in Birmingham

Birmingham is undoubtedly an important central hub for the UK and home to many important businesses, both big and small. In recent years, it has been named as one of the best places to set [...]

1307, 2018

Claiming a Free Buildability Appraisal

New build designers often focus closely on more aesthetic factors without really considering the consequences of their design decisions in the real world. What looks good on paper, doesn’t always work when you get out [...]

1307, 2018

New School Builders

Whether it’s building a new school from the ground up, replacing old building stock or refurbishing and redesigning an existing location, finding the right construction company to work with is vital. At Hightown with have [...]

807, 2018

The Turnkey Provider of University Refurbishments and New Builds

With over 45 years’ experience at Hightown, we’ve worked with many different sectors on high quality refurbishments and new builds. As a turnkey provider we can deliver everything from the initial design and consultation phase [...]

1306, 2018

Experience of Working in a Live Environment for University Refurbishments

As a family building company with over 40 years’ experience delivering high quality construction and refurbishment work across the UK, we’ve been lucky enough to build relationships with some fairly high profile businesses and organisations. [...]

1006, 2018

5 Reasons to Invest in Construction

There’s no doubt that undertaking any major construction or refurbishment work comes with some serious budgetary considerations. While it can seem cheaper to make do, at least for the time being, investing in building improvements [...]

1805, 2018

Lab Installation Services

Whether you are setting up a new research facility or need to refurbish your current premises, choosing the right lab installation services can be a challenge. With over 45 years’ experience in the building and [...]

1305, 2018

University Laboratory Installation

Leading in research and development is one of the key factors that helps drive any university. A reputation for great facilities and cutting edge R&D is often what brings top students from all over the [...]

2703, 2018

University Construction Company

We’re known as one of the most reliable and innovative university construction companies in the UK. Having delivered a range of cutting edge new builds and refurbishments over the last 45 years, we’ve been able [...]

2403, 2018

Ensuring a Safe Working Environment During a Refurbishment

Over the last 45 years at Hightown Group, we’ve been involved in wide range of refurbishments for both large corporations and small business, across a broad selection of industries. Our building and design teams have [...]

2702, 2018

Getting a School Refurbishment to Meet the Equalities Act

All organisations and businesses need to make every reasonable adjustment to comply with the Equalities Act. For schools, because of budget constraints, this can be something of a challenge but it’s also a goal that [...]

2202, 2018

Installing a New Laboratory

Creating a new laboratory is a complex process that requires not only a good deal of planning but the right installation and construction processes. Working with the best building team ensures that your design ideas [...]

1702, 2018

Improving Staff Morale with an Office Refurbishment

The location in which we work is obviously important and getting it right can not only improve staff morale but also boost productivity. Offices can quickly become cluttered and the space squeezed, particularly when your [...]

1202, 2018

Fire Door Inspection: A life or death decision?

Most business owners will agree that one of the single most important safety measures in any building is the fire door. This simple construction is designed to compartmentalise any outbreak of fire and give people [...]

2801, 2018

How to Choose the Right Construction Company

When you are planning a major building project, finding the right construction company to build a relationship with is vital. Ideally, you need a group of experts you can work closely with and who will [...]

2001, 2018

Refurbishing a University Building

At Hightown, we’ve worked with a number of universities over the years to help deliver quality refurbishments to existing infrastructure. As with any construction project, this type of work can deliver new life to buildings [...]

2212, 2017

Retail Store Refurbishment

Bricks and mortar retail stores have seen a lot of competition from online retailers in recent years. Maintaining a competitive edge has never been more important. Undertaking a refurbishment can not only give your retail [...]

1512, 2017

Hotel Refurbishments and New Builds

Designing and building a new hotel or refurbishing an existing one is undoubtedly a big undertaking. Whether you’re a large international chain looking to set up in a new location across the UK or a [...]

2411, 2017

University Construction Company

More and more universities nowadays are looking to invest in new infrastructure. Not only can it help provide state of the art teaching facilities and promote cutting edge research and development, it also plays a [...]

1411, 2017

University Building Maintenance

More than other major institutions around the UK, universities have a substantial amount of building stock to maintain and keep in working order, everything from new builds to older, more problematic structures. When something breaks [...]

111, 2017

Internal Refurbishment for the Private Sector

For most businesses and organisations, how your building looks on the inside is just as important as the external facade. Not only can refurbishment give your office or store a new feel in line with [...]

2510, 2017

Exova BM Trada Q-Mark Certified Fire Door Installers

All businesses want to keep their employees and their premises safe. One issue is normally high on the agenda of any employer is the type of fire door they have installed. These essentially compartmentalise different [...]

1910, 2017

Fire Door Assessment

Most office buildings today are compartmentalised with fire doors in between to help slow the progress of any fire. This gives those working in an office, store or other building the chance to escape and, [...]

710, 2017

Bring Your School Building into the 21st Century

There’s nothing more important than education. Delivering the high quality teaching and learning which prepares pupils for the future naturally requires having in place the best facilities. It’s something which is vitally important to any [...]

310, 2017

Pharmaceutical Construction Companies

While we often think of big companies when it comes to pharmaceuticals, there is a growing and prosperous industry of small businesses in the UK that are just as important. Indeed, many global organisations are [...]

1909, 2017

Aircraft Hangar Floor Refurbishment

Generally covering a large area, hangar floors can be subjected to a wide range of wear and tear, not only from aircraft but also machinery and even the outdoor elements at the extremes of hot [...]

1409, 2017

Planned Maintenance Experts in Liverpool

Hightown are one of the leading planned maintenance experts in Liverpool. We work with businesses of all sizes to ensure that their buildings and systems stay up and running. Our clients include large organisations such [...]

509, 2017

Fire Door Installation

Most businesses understand that fire safety is a big priority, irrespective of the size or design of the property in which they operate. The installation of high quality fire doors can stop a fire spreading [...]

2108, 2017

Laboratory Installation Services

Laboratories are highly specialised areas and getting the right team in place to work on your installation, taking it from initial design through to successful completion, can be challenging. Whether you’re looking to refurbish and [...]

1508, 2017

Building Refurbishment Projects

There are numerous reasons for undertaking a refurbishment rather than opting for a new build. In most cases, an old building can be given a new lease of life and made more sustainable by adding [...]

808, 2017

Construction Company in Birmingham

At the end of 2016, after over 40 years in the construction business, the Hightown Group opened a second office in the heart of Birmingham. With more of our clients coming from the Midlands area [...]

3107, 2017

Internal Refurbishment for Local Authorities

More than any organisation over the last decade or so, the local authority has been subjected to dwindling budgets and operational cuts. Making the most of the money they have usually means that large projects [...]

1407, 2017

University Facilities Management Support

Most universities have a large amount of building stock and facilities that need to be managed. Many have their own teams on site to deal with the day to day running of operations such as [...]

607, 2017

Podcast Interview with Operations Director David Morris

Find out more about our Operations Director David Morris as he's interviewed by Dave Sheridan:

407, 2017

Investing in a New Building for your School or College

One of the biggest decisions that schools or colleges need to make is when they go for a brand new build. While refurbishing your existing stock is one option, undertaking a new build gives you [...]

2706, 2017

Podcast Interview with Evie Magee

Dave Sheridan sits down with our latest member of the team Evie Magee.

2306, 2017

University Planned Maintenance

Most universities have a great deal of building stock to maintain and this can be a significant challenge for any organisation. Although many institutions are investing heavily in new builds, much of this infrastructure was [...]

806, 2017

Laboratory Refurbishments Benefits

At Hightown, we have 40 years’ experience dealing with a range of new builds for many sectors, including research and education. State-of-the-art facilities are key if you are going to be at the cutting edge [...]

3005, 2017

The Advantages of Reactive Maintenance

Despite your best efforts, there’s always the potential for things to break down and go wrong, especially if you are managing a large amount of building stock. Reactive maintenance is important for these occasions and [...]

2605, 2017

Warehouse Refurbishment Project

Businesses that use warehouses to store or distribute products are increasingly under pressure to maximise their locations as well as their workforces. A warehouse refurbishment might be the last thing on your mind in today’s [...]

1905, 2017

Airport Refurbishment

Finding an experienced construction team to carry out a high-quality airport refurbishment can be difficult. You might need certain specialist services from a company that understands the demands of your sector or perhaps you want [...]

905, 2017

Pharmaceutical Construction Projects

The pharmaceutical industry contributes a good deal to the UK economy and has been one reason for the rising growth among businesses in recent years. Developing the right location for a pharmaceutical company can be [...]

405, 2017

Retail Refurbishment

Retail has always been part of the lifeblood of the UK and the idea we are still a nation of shopkeepers has endured throughout history. While technology may have changed in recent years, making sure [...]

2404, 2017

Pharmaceutical Sector Building Refurbishment and Renovation

The UK has a strong and growing reputation in the development of pharmaceuticals and within the bio-science industries. Their role in improving health, not only in this country but around the world, has been phenomenal [...]

1804, 2017

Airport Refurbishment Projects

There’s nothing more important to the future success of the UK than its airport infrastructure. That not only includes large corporate locations such as Liverpool’s John Lennon and Manchester Airport but smaller ones like Barrow [...]

1104, 2017

Making Your Building Fire Safety Compliant With BM Trada Q-Mark Certified Products

“A fire door is only a fire door if it has been correctly fitted.” We understand that our clients have a duty of care to those who work or operate within their buildings. Fire door [...]

404, 2017

New Builds for Sectors Including Aviation, Education, Retail, Residential and More

Investing in a new build for your business or organisation is undoubtedly a large undertaking. Not only do you need to find the right design and get all stakeholders on board, you must find someone [...]

2703, 2017

Lab Refurbishments for the Pharmaceutical and Education Sectors

Research and development in both the pharmaceutical industry and our higher education institutions such as universities is undoubtedly important. Making sure you have the best facilities in place which allow researchers to undertake work at [...]

2203, 2017

University Reactive Maintenance: Does Your In House Team Require Additional Support?

University campuses are large and naturally require a good deal of care and maintenance. While many institutions have their own, very capable, teams on site, it’s important to have additional support from a third party [...]

1403, 2017

University Building Projects

As one of the leading construction companies within the education sector, Hightown Group has worked on many key new builds and refurbishments for universities across the country. A large part of our success over the [...]

703, 2017

University Reactive and Planned Maintenance Experts

Any building, whatever it’s age, will have problems at some time. All require either reactive or planned maintenance to make sure they function properly and can be used safely and securely. For any university, maintaining [...]

2802, 2017

Making Architectural Visions a Reality

There can be a huge gulf between what an architect puts on paper, especially the initial design concept for a building, and what a construction company tasked with that eventual building actually delivers. Because at [...]

1302, 2017

Office Refurbishments and Remodelling

Office space is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any successful business. Not only do you want to provide a comfortable and productive area for your staff but you also probably want to [...]

1002, 2017

Hightown Group at St Helens RLFC

St Helens RLFC and Leeds Rhinos got the Bet Fred Super League underway last night with a 6-4 win for Saints. Members of the Hightown Group team were in attendance and thoroughly enjoyed the game. [...]

3001, 2017

Residential Refurbishment

Any property refurbishment involves a serious amount of time and money as you try to develop your plans and bring your dream to fruition. At Hightown Group, we’ve got plenty of experience dealing with high [...]

2401, 2017

School Building Refurbishment: What are the benefits?

There’s nothing more important than the education that we provide to our young. Putting in the right facilities that give pupils every opportunity to learn is one of the key pillars that determines success. While [...]

1001, 2017

University Building Refurbishment

At Hightown Group, we have over forty years’ experience of providing top quality building refurbishments across the country. A number of our clients are universities who come to us because we deliver consistently excellent building [...]

2012, 2016

Building Refurbishment and Renovation for the Pharmaceutical Sector

The UK has a strong and growing reputation in the development of pharmaceuticals and within the bio-science industries. Their role in improving health, not only in this country but around the world, has been phenomenal [...]

1212, 2016

Hangar Refurbishments for the Aviation Sector

At Hightown Group we have over 40 years’ experience delivering quality builds and refurbishments including for the aviation sector. If you have a hangar that needs an update, then our highly skilled teams will be [...]

712, 2016

Retail New Builds

Building a new retail outlet not only involves a significant outlay for your business but can have a serious impact on short term and long term success. It’s not simply about finding the right location [...]

2811, 2016

Individual New Build Projects

Taking on a new build involves a great deal of work and expertise. Not only is there the design process and preparation to get right but employing an expert, qualified team to do the job [...]

1911, 2016

Hightown Group Senior Management Development Days

Our senior management team have undergone a number of development days over recent weeks. We have compiled this short video that will give you a snapshot of their experiences:

711, 2016

Choosing the Right Construction Company

Infrastructure is important to all businesses. Whether you are planning a refurbishment or want to build new premises from the ground up, finding the right construction company to undertake the work can be a mine [...]

3110, 2016

Warehouse Refurbishments: How Could We Improve Your Warehouse?

Optimising your warehouse space can improve productivity and deliver efficiencies as well as improving safety standards. One of our main strengths at the Hightown Group is our ability to work with businesses and deliver to [...]

2410, 2016

Hightown Achieves ISO Accreditation

At the Hightown Group, we not only believe in delivering high quality builds and exceptional health and safety standards, we also realise the value of being able to demonstrate our capabilities as well. ISO or [...]

1710, 2016

Building and Refurbishment for the Retail Sector

Despite worries over Brexit and the future of the economy, the retail industry is still going from strength to strength. Brands are still investing in new products, pulling in the customers and creating brilliant instore [...]

510, 2016

Welcome to the new Hightown Group website

For the last two months our team have been hard at work designing and building a whole new website that will serve to display our talents online. Hightown Group have been trading for over 40 [...]

1909, 2016

Domestic New Builds and Refurbishments

Domestic New Builds and Refurbishments Over the last 40 years at Hightown Group, we’ve carried out a large number of domestic new builds and refurbishments in the North West area as well as nationally. [...]

909, 2016

The Hightown Experience

The Hightown Experience What does it mean for our clients when they work with a company like Hightown Group? Our ongoing commitment is to provide the same level of service for everyone, irrespective of [...]

3108, 2016

How our Professional Services Can Help Your Business Grow

How our Professional Services Can Help Your Business Grow At the Hightown Group we pride ourselves in providing a range of professional services that deliver for our clients, time and again. At the heart [...]

2308, 2016

Education Refurbishments with Buildings Open to Staff & Students

Over the years at Hightown Group, we’ve made a speciality of providing quality builds and refurbishments to the education sector. We know that when you have limited resources you want the best that money can [...]

1608, 2016

A Look Back at the Construction of Liverpool John Moores University Social Zone

A Look Back at the Construction of Liverpool John Moores University Social Zone Over the years we’ve worked with a number of universities in the North West, helping them to modernise their often ageing [...]

808, 2016

New Builds and Refurbishments for the Nuclear Industry

New Builds and Refurbishments for the Nuclear Industry The nuclear industry isn’t just about huge reactors and power generation. There are buildings where research and manufacturing processes are carried out, including the Urenco Technology [...]

108, 2016

How We Ensure a Safe Project Completion with Minimal Disruption

How We Ensure a Safe Project Completion with Minimal Disruption At the Hightown Group, we take a great deal of pride in the quality we bring to the table and the way we work [...]

2707, 2016

Laboratory Refurbishments

Science, health care, education and research have never been more important. Without it we wouldn’t have the hi-tech smartphones we all take for granted, the medical procedures and pharmaceutical products that save lives on a [...]

1807, 2016

How Could a New Building Increase your University’s Capability?

At Hightown Group we’ve had the great privilege over the last few decades of working with some universities that are at the cutting edge of education. Our projects in this area have included major refurbishments, [...]

1207, 2016

Providing Businesses with Decades of Industry Experience

Providing Businesses with Decades of Industry Experience Building projects are by nature hugely complex and require not only a good deal of expertise but also the drive to keep and maintain all the different [...]

407, 2016

Reasons to Refurbish Your Building

The look and feel of your office says a lot about your business. It is, after all, the first thing that clients see when they come to visit and can leave a lasting impression. While [...]

2706, 2016

Cladding: A Cost Effective Alternative to Rebuilding

Cladding: A Cost Effective Alternative to Rebuilding There is a good deal of pressure on businesses that own older properties to find ways to improve their energy efficiency and reduce the impact of heating [...]

2006, 2016

Our Quality Promise

Our Quality Promise At Hightown Group we have the capability for delivering consistent, top quality building services that make a big difference to businesses and public organisations across the UK. We achieve this not [...]

1306, 2016

What Does Your Building Say About Your Business?

What Does Your Building Say About Your Business? We make a lot of the look and feel of a business. It’s brand, if you like. Not only the logo and the quirky image that [...]

606, 2016

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction Having spent decades providing quality new builds and refurbishments in the health, education and public service sectors, we think we know a thing or two about what customer satisfaction [...]

3105, 2016

University Refurbishments: Creating the Right Environment for Students

University Refurbishments: Creating the Right Environment for Students At the Hightown Group we take great pride in our association with the education sector in the UK. Over the years, we’ve helped a number of [...]

2305, 2016

Why Quality Is At The Heart Of All That We Do

Why Quality Is At The Heart Of All That We Do You can bang your own drum as much as you like but if you don’t deliver quality no one will believe you. Delivering [...]

1503, 2016

Hightown Construction secure £4.1m LJMU STEM Contract

Hightown Construction secure £4.1m LJMU STEM Contract Hightown Construction secure £4.1m LJMU STEM Contract Hightown Construction is pleased to announce that they have been successful in securing a major refurbishment contract at Liverpool John [...]