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Benefits of a Retail Store Refurbishment

Competition on the high street has increased over the last few years. Retail stores not only have to vie with each other but with online shops that have little or no overheads. People still love to shop, however, and how your retail outlet stands apart from the crowd can make a big difference to your [...]

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Hotel Refurbishments: Why Should You Invest?

The idea of refurbishing hotels isn’t new. Many chains and small operations do it on a regular basis. But what are the real benefits of giving your hotel a facelift and is it worth that big investment? We take a closer look at the benefits of hotel renovations: Improving Your Hotel Appearance Of course, the [...]

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Investing in a New Building for Your University

Like any organisation or business, universities need to be able to stand out from the competition if they want to be successful. That could depend on the type of courses they offer or the well-known professors they have working for them. More often, nowadays, it’s the facilities that are on offer which make a [...]

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Hightown Group Are Now a Top Ten Winner at the Construction Enquirer Awards

As a construction business that has spent the last 40 years working hard to deliver the best for our clients, it’s rewarding when we get official recognition. This October we’ll be at the Construction Enquirer Awards at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole. That’s after getting in the top ten for the Best Main Contractor to [...]

By | 2018-10-17T07:25:46+00:00 August 29th, 2018|University Construction Company|Comments Off on Hightown Group Are Now a Top Ten Winner at the Construction Enquirer Awards

University Laboratory Refurbishment

There’s no doubt that every university depends a good deal on the quality of its facilities. If you want to attract the top performing students or carry out the kind of cutting edge research that gets your institution noticed on the global stage, you have to make sure that you have all the tools [...]

By | 2018-10-17T07:22:35+00:00 August 27th, 2018|University Laboratory Refurbishment|Comments Off on University Laboratory Refurbishment

Social Benefits of Building a School

There is no doubt that any school building is of great social benefit to society. Education lies at the heart of improving our quality of life and creating career and life opportunities as we reach adulthood. This not only has ramifications in respect of competing in the job market but it can lead to [...]

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Benefits of a New Laboratory Installation

Research and development forms the backbone of new innovations in our modern world. We wouldn’t have the drugs that cure cancer or slow dementia if it wasn’t for research facilities. Neither would we have cutting edge renewable technologies or those brand new and exciting gadgets that make our lives easier. You’ll find laboratories in [...]

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Office Refurbishment Company in Birmingham

Birmingham is undoubtedly an important central hub for the UK and home to many important businesses, both big and small. In recent years, it has been named as one of the best places to set up a new company outside of London. With plans for the new high speed rail already underway, the region [...]

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Claiming a Free Buildability Appraisal

New build designers often focus closely on more aesthetic factors without really considering the consequences of their design decisions in the real world. What looks good on paper, doesn’t always work when you get out on the construction site. Once your design has been created, before approving it, it’s vital that you should have [...]

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New School Builders

Whether it’s building a new school from the ground up, replacing old building stock or refurbishing and redesigning an existing location, finding the right construction company to work with is vital. At Hightown with have 45 years’ experience delivering state of the art new school builds that really make a difference to the local [...]

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