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University Construction Company

More and more universities nowadays are looking to invest in new infrastructure. Not only can it help provide state of the art teaching facilities and promote cutting edge research and development, it also plays a significant role in attracting high quality students from all across the globe. If you’re planning a new build or refurbishment [...]

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University Building Maintenance

More than other major institutions around the UK, universities have a substantial amount of building stock to maintain and keep in working order, everything from new builds to older, more problematic structures. When something breaks down, it can not only cost time and money to repair, it can disrupt lectures as well as research and [...]

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Internal Refurbishment for the Private Sector

For most businesses and organisations, how your building looks on the inside is just as important as the external facade. Not only can refurbishment give your office or store a new feel in line with your latest branding, it can also help your company provide better services as well as a more comfortable environment to [...]

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Exova BM Trada Q-Mark Certified Fire Door Installers

All businesses want to keep their employees and their premises safe. One issue is normally high on the agenda of any employer is the type of fire door they have installed. These essentially compartmentalise different areas in the event of a fire. High quality doors section off an outbreak of fire and give people the [...]

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Fire Door Assessment

Most office buildings today are compartmentalised with fire doors in between to help slow the progress of any fire. This gives those working in an office, store or other building the chance to escape and, in some cases, can contain a fire outbreak and minimise damage until the fire brigade arrives. This is one area [...]

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Bring Your School Building into the 21st Century

There’s nothing more important than education. Delivering the high quality teaching and learning which prepares pupils for the future naturally requires having in place the best facilities. It’s something which is vitally important to any primary or secondary school. Schools always have to operate on very tight budgets but still need to deliver the kind [...]

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Pharmaceutical Construction Companies

While we often think of big companies when it comes to pharmaceuticals, there is a growing and prosperous industry of small businesses in the UK that are just as important. Indeed, many global organisations are outsourcing to these small pharmaceutical companies. The need for innovation and state of the art premises within the sector has [...]

Aircraft Hangar Floor Refurbishment

Generally covering a large area, hangar floors can be subjected to a wide range of wear and tear, not only from aircraft but also machinery and even the outdoor elements at the extremes of hot and cold. Hangar facilities nowadays not only have to be of a standard that protects heavy equipment but also the [...]

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Planned Maintenance Experts in Liverpool

Hightown are one of the leading planned maintenance experts in Liverpool. We work with businesses of all sizes to ensure that their buildings and systems stay up and running. Our clients include large organisations such as universities where scheduled maintenance has, over the years, made a huge difference to overall operational costs. We can work [...]

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Fire Door Installation

Most businesses understand that fire safety is a big priority, irrespective of the size or design of the property in which they operate. The installation of high quality fire doors can stop a fire spreading too quickly and, in the process, save lives. Where these are positioned as well as the quality of door are [...]

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