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Getting a School Refurbishment to Meet the Equalities Act

All organisations and businesses need to make every reasonable adjustment to comply with the Equalities Act. For schools, because of budget constraints, this can be something of a challenge but it’s also a goal that all heads and governors want to achieve as quickly as possible. Of course, equality goes way beyond treating people the [...]

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Installing a New Laboratory

Creating a new laboratory is a complex process that requires not only a good deal of planning but the right installation and construction processes. Working with the best building team ensures that your design ideas are properly implemented, creating a space that is specifically designed for excellence in research and development. With over 40 years’ [...]

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Improving Staff Morale with an Office Refurbishment

The location in which we work is obviously important and getting it right can not only improve staff morale but also boost productivity. Offices can quickly become cluttered and the space squeezed, particularly when your business grows and becomes successful. Many companies nowadays look at refurbishing office environments in conjunction with their employees in an [...]

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Fire Door Inspection: A life or death decision?

Most business owners will agree that one of the single most important safety measures in any building is the fire door. This simple construction is designed to compartmentalise any outbreak of fire and give people time to leave and reach safety. In many cases, it can keep the fire contained until the fire services arrive, [...]

How to Choose the Right Construction Company

When you are planning a major building project, finding the right construction company to build a relationship with is vital. Ideally, you need a group of experts you can work closely with and who will deliver on your vision, whether it’s a whole new build or a major refurbishment. At Hightown, we’ve got over 40 [...]

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Refurbishing a University Building

At Hightown, we’ve worked with a number of universities over the years to help deliver quality refurbishments to existing infrastructure. As with any construction project, this type of work can deliver new life to buildings and create an environment that attracts more students while providing a much needed upgrade for facilities. Reasons to Refurbish a [...]

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Retail Store Refurbishment

Bricks and mortar retail stores have seen a lot of competition from online retailers in recent years. Maintaining a competitive edge has never been more important. Undertaking a refurbishment can not only give your retail store a much needed facelift it can encourage more customers and improve revenues across the board. While a refurbishment may [...]

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Hotel Refurbishments and New Builds

Designing and building a new hotel or refurbishing an existing one is undoubtedly a big undertaking. Whether you’re a large international chain looking to set up in a new location across the UK or a smaller outfit that wants to expand or improve its existing stock, Hightown have all the tools and expertise you require [...]

By | December 15th, 2017|Hotel New Build, Hotel Refurbishment|0 Comments

University Construction Company

More and more universities nowadays are looking to invest in new infrastructure. Not only can it help provide state of the art teaching facilities and promote cutting edge research and development, it also plays a significant role in attracting high quality students from all across the globe. If you’re planning a new build or refurbishment [...]

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University Building Maintenance

More than other major institutions around the UK, universities have a substantial amount of building stock to maintain and keep in working order, everything from new builds to older, more problematic structures. When something breaks down, it can not only cost time and money to repair, it can disrupt lectures as well as research and [...]

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